About EDC

Ethio Diaspora communication began with the aim of providing timely news, social and cultural information, opinions and analysis to the Ethiopian community. Ethio Diaspora Communication is one of the arms for the EICC. Through this branch, EICC engaged in the broadcast and production of Ethio Diaspora Radio programs. Ethio Diaspora Radio program is strictly designed to serve this community. Like any other ethnic/community radio ours also by and large remained close to the community it serves. In short, it is for the community by the community. We are trying to bridge the gap in communication and offer forum for sharing ideas, hopes, dreams and concerns. Our main objective is also to provide a marketplace of ideas where our listeners make the ultimate judgment on the merits of ideas presented. We serve as forum for the expressions of diverse view among the communities. Apart from providing the information about the current events, our radio programs advance the development of community’s sense of social responsibility about social issues, and provide a way through which sense of responsibility can be translated into action. In addition, through our weekly programs we encourage the community to be able to interact with one another, to work as volunteers, and to become members of different initiatives in the community, and share freely their knowledge, experience, skills and their time to make their community a better place to live as well as to play active role in local issues, events and activities. Most of us came to America today because of historical accident of one form or another. It’s now of course up to us, both individually and collectively to do everything within our power to go forth and claim a piece of the American dream. That of course, includes fully participating in the American political process. Our media plays vital role in this regard. Through our discussion and programs, we encourage members of our community to integrate smoothly in the society they have come to live and enable them to lead a settled life. On the other hand, the mainstream media has been indifferent about the ethnic communities in the US. So the ethnic media such as ours have become the main voice to the community. We report about the community from inside out, sometimes quite literally. In fact we shouldn’t be surprised to see the ethnic communities who are ‘neglected’ by mainstream media, to develop mistrust. Which by the way, this phenomenon has given the community radio a boost in terms of listeners and supporters. And understanding how to serve the immigrant community is the best way for ethnic media such as ours to survive. It is our hope that our objectives will be achieved through hard work.
  1. Working for the development of free press particularly free mass media; such as radio, television and newspaper.

  2. Assessing the need and pressing issues affecting immigrants and connecting them with educational, legal, health and social services through appropriate information.

  3. Disseminate important and current information among Ethiopians.

  4. Work to raise the awareness of Ethiopians values, process and institutional mechanism which make democracy key concept among Ethiopians.

  5. Reinforce Ethiopian cultural norms, creativity, values, tradition so that Ethiopians in Diaspora will maintain their identity while contributing to their new communities they live in and their bond with Ethiopia.

  6. Make available Ethiopian literature and information on and provide forums for free discussions regarding Art and Culture.

  7. Reinforce Ethiopian cultural norms, creativity, values, tradition so that Ethiopian abroad will maintain their identity while contributing to their new communities they live in and their bond with Ethiopia.

  8. Connects young aspiring writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, foster cross-cultural understanding, & promote and defends free press.

  9. Hosting and producing Artistic events to promote Ethiopian creative art work and make discourse on them; to flourish by building a dynamic and powerful artistic community.

HISTORY : Ethio Diaspora Communication

‘Ebenezer Promotion’ can be traced to 2001 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where the primary objective of the agency was to fight the spread of HIV Aids that was manifestly extending its tentacles by employing music and arts that was instrumental in winning the hearts and minds of the youth who stood to lose from this hazardous infliction.

Back in those years, our organization worked hands in gloves with NGOs to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and the current dwindling trend of its expansion is a result of the coordinated and cooperative drive of the organizations and primarily of the resort to the use of music and arts it the fight against HIV/AIDS.

True to its tradition of serving the community back home, since Ebenezer Information and Communication Center (EICc) was launched here in the USA, we engaged in the dissemination of community education and information with the view to empower the Diaspora Ethiopians with the capacity to play a positive role in the American Society. To this end Ebenezer promotion, has opened an office in Virginia and is busily engaged in an all out effort to empower the Ethiopian Diaspora to work towards cooperative and to inculcate a sense of patriotism love of the country.

In its endeavor to utilize music and art as a medium of spiritual renaissance and renovation Ebenezer promotion has anchored itself in the realm of media patricianly in the area of radio and website to create a sense of coniferous in the ranks of the Ethiopia Diaspora to be a self contained, healthy, with a sense of self-respect and to positively engage in constructive ventures.